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Linda was a member of my church for many years before the following events took place. She was a very intelligent and outgoing person, a committed Christian and an extremely reliable church worker. Nothing in the way she related to her fellow parishioners or did her work for the ministry indicated that she had a spiritual problem. However, Linda had one particular issue in her life that she could not resolve: every single relationship she was in eventually broke up. Every man she became involved with ended up leaving her because of various excuses—it almost seemed as if they were being frightened off, or threatened into leaving. This happened so many times that I began to wonder what could be wrong. One day, however, the cause of her problems surfaced— and led to a rather dramatic chain of events. I was conducting a month end revival service at the church, and the Lord told me that there was someone in the audience who was being defiled every night by a spirit husband.1 Linda was ushering that night and when I revealed what the Lord had said, she raised her hand in the back of the church where she was stationed. I acknowledged seeing her and proceeded to pray for her. I commanded the spirit to lose access to her from that day forward. The following Sunday she told me that the spirit had attempted to sleep with her again, but could not. The spirit left in anger and promised to deal ruthlessly with her. I told her not to worry, and that God was in absolute control. I never doubted this for a moment, but the situation was still to worsen. From that day, Linda started hearing voices. The voices were insistent, persuasive. They would tell her to leap into the river or jump in front of oncoming vehicles or trains. She was afraid to go out because each time she did, the voices began again. As days turned into weeks, the intensity of these suicidal urges became greater and greater. Linda first told my wife of this after Bible study one week, knowing she couldn’t withstand the voices much longer. My wife prayed with her and urged her to go and speak with me during my regular Thursday afternoon walk-in counseling session. She came that Thursday and told me of her experience. While she was speaking to me, the voices manifested, growing louder with each word that came out of her mouth. They ordered her to stop speaking to me about her situation. She abruptly stopped talking in the middle of a sentence. I, understandably, was baffled. I said, “Linda, why did you stop talking?” Her reply was tense. “Don’t you see the “people” in your office telling me to be quiet?” “No,” was my reply. Then I asked her to describe what “the people” looked like. She told me they were around her age (about thirty two years old) with long dark hair and complexions resembling that of people of Indian descent. They were not unfamiliar to her: she said she had been seeing them in her dreams since she was young. In these dreams, she played with them in bodies of water. I immediately knew they were spiritual beings. I then prayed the following prayer. I said, “In the name of Jesus, I take authority over you demonic beings in my office right now. You have no right to invade this place. I send the fire of God after you and I decree that God’s angels chase you out of this office. I also command the fear and intimidation you hold over Linda be broken right now in the name of Jesus.” Immediately, Linda relaxed and was able to talk freely. However she had not gone too far in her conversation before the spirit beings came back again. I prayed another prayer and they left only to come back again. This happened many times. Fortunately, my deliverance team was in church that afternoon, so I handed her over to them for prayer. She was not pleased, another indication that the spirits were still victimizing her. Experience has taught me that some people should never be told exactly when they will be prayed for. Had I told Linda that she would be prayed for ahead of time, it is very probable that the spirits would either have prevented her from coming or would have refused to manifest themselves. The deliverance team prayed fervently for her and commanded the fire of God to break every link she had with the marine kingdom. By God’s grace, the prayers were effective. Linda screamed out with a loud voice and fell on the ground as if she were dead, screaming “fire is burning me!” as she did so. By the time the session was over, something had changed in Linda; even her facial expression was different. She went home, in peace at last. Then, that night something happened—something that would add yet another missing piece to the puzzle that had been her life thus far. Linda’s mother called to check on her. That would have not been unusual, as such a move is expected between parent and child; what was strange was the question she had for her daughter. “Are you alive?” she asked Linda, as if she could not believe it, despite the fact they were speaking on the phone. Confused, Linda pressed her mother to tell her the reason for the strange question. The answer she got was eye opening and more than a little disturbing. Linda’s mother told her that when she married many years earlier, she was unable to conceive. She was taken to a marine witchcraft practitioner, and was told to come back on a certain day to perform rituals in order to obtain a child. When Linda’s mother went back, she met another woman who had come for the same purpose. Both were taken to the Atlantic Ocean and given a “spiritual bath,” among other things. Then they were both given a charm to throw into the Atlantic Ocean with their backs to the water, and were told not to look back. This demonic ritual was performed under the cover of darkness, long after dusk. Now that the ritual was completed successfully, the witchcraft practitioner told both women that they would both be pregnant that month—albeit, with some conditions. The first condition was somewhat reasonable. Sacrifices, the witch-doctor said, must be made to the spirits responsible, until the children were old enough to take over the offerings themselves. Secondly, she told them that the children would die at age sixteen. They were “on loan,” from the Atlantic Ocean, but must return after sixteen years. There was a clause in the condition; the women were allowed one, and only one, “extension of life,” doubling the life of their children to a span of thirty-two years. She finished by informing her two customers that both children would be girls, and be pharmacists. Chillingly, the week that Linda was hearing voices urging her to commit suicide was the same week she turned thirty-two years old. Her “time” had expired, and the spirits wanted their “daughter,” Linda, back. The week we did deliverance for her was the week she was supposed to die. Unfortunately for them and to the glory of God, she escaped from their hands. She was taken from under the power of Satan, and every effort to kill her failed. Her mother enquired from her how she had managed to stay alive. Linda told her about the voices and the subsequent experience in my office followed by the deliverance session. Her mother was overjoyed, and for good reason; the daughter of the woman who had gone through that same ritual had recently died. When it was clear that the sprits had lost Linda forever, they told her mother that she had to give her life in Linda’s place. She first had a stroke and eventually died of mysterious causes. The enemy, furious that he had been cheated, began to attack in other ways. After her initial deliverance I told Linda to search her home for anything connected to the waters, and bring it to me. She was fascinated by images of the mermaid. All her bedside lamps were made with the image of the mermaid. She brought these things so we could destroy them to prevent any spiritual links and open doors to her past. I was in the church the day we scheduled, ready for our appointment—and suddenly, I heard a commotion in front of my office. It was my deliverance ministers, carrying Linda to me. She had a hand on her forehead and was in great pain. She told me that when she reached the front of the church, a strong gust of wind lifted her from the ground and slammed her against the concrete wall of the church. I immediately knew it was a counter attack because of the victories already won and for the things we were about to destroy. We destroyed every one of those items. After that, all attacks against Linda permanently stopped. I am happy to report to you that Linda is alive and well. She is happily married to a pastor. Deliverance Works!

The true story above is taken from Dr. A. O. Itiola’s book Delivered from Evil. To buy a copy, click here.

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