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“Now when Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea in the days of Herod the king, behold, there came wise men from the east to Jerusalem, Saying, Where is he that is born King of the Jews? for we have seen his star in the east, and are come to worship him. When Herod the king had heard these things, he was troubled, and all Jerusalem with him.” - Matthew 2:1-3

The account of the early life of Jesus as recorded in the book of Matthew has a lot to teach us about overcoming the enemy of our star. Everything was fine until Herod heard from the wise men about the birth of Jesus. They told him that the star they saw from the east was that of one destined to be a king. Herod saw Jesus as a possible rival, and he resolved to eliminate Him by all means at his disposal.

As it was then, so it is now. You will find valuable information in the following pages that may give you a clue about the battles in your life. Somebody somewhere may not be too excited about God’s plan for your life and may be determined to eliminate you.

The Wise Men.

The translation in the King James Version can be a little misleading to the one who does not understand Bible languages.

The words “wise men” do not translate to what we know as wise men today. The original word is magos from which we derive our word magician.

The same word that is used for these wise men is used for Simon the sorcerer and Elymas the sorcerer in the Acts of Apostles. Another translator calls them the worshippers of fire. They were magicians, astronomers, soothsayers, and sorcerers.
It is worthy to note that they saw the star of Jesus when He was born.

Men like these are still in existence today. As an African, I do not have any difficulty believing that they still exist. Recently I traveled to some parts of Africa and saw billboards on highways featuring “wise men” inviting people to come and read their stars and be told their future. Those with evil intentions do go to these “wise men” to find out the future of others and end up using the information they gather to plot evil against them.

Let’s look at the first two verses again:

“ Now when Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea in the days of Herod the king, behold, there came wise men from the east to Jerusalem, Saying, Where is he that is born King of the Jews? For we have seen his star in the east, and are come to worship him.”

There are three main truths implied by these verses:
1. In the realm of the spirit there is something known as ‘his star.” I come to this conclusion because the wise men claimed to have seen his star. If there was no star, they would not have claimed to see one.
2. We can also imply that this star can be seen by those whose eyes have been trained to see such stars. They said, “We have seen his star.” Jesus’ next-door neighbors who were not trained to see this star did not see it, but the people who had been trained to see such things saw it.
3. By seeing the star, one can tell what a person will grow up to be in life.

The wise men specifically said:
“…Where is he that is born King of the Jews? for we have seen his star in the east…”

The sighting of His star obviously told them what His destiny in life was. Up till today many African parents still take their newborn babies to these star readers to be told what the destiny of these children will be.

I know of a number of Christians who have had unsolicited encounters with modern-day wise men like these. A particular preacher who was mightily used by the Lord in the United States was told about his calling two times by two different readers he casually ran into on the street. Even though what they told him was true, their knowledge did not come from the Spirit of the Lord.

This fact is why I am concerned about the present day preoccupation of people with wanting to hear a word from the Lord at all cost.

I believe there are prophets who speak by the inspiration of the Holy Ghost, but I also believe there are other “prophets” who speak by the inspiration of a “ghost” that is not the Holy Ghost. Please use proper discernment. Let me elaborate on a point mentioned earlier. Not only did the wise men know when He was born and where He was born, but they also knew what He would accomplish in life. They asked, “…where is He that is born King of the Jews?”

The wise men knew what those in Jerusalem did not know. They looked at His star and knew that He was born to be the king of the Jews.

I know many who claim that they are so spiritual that no one can read their star. The question I always ask such people is, “If the wise men could read the star of Jesus, whose star could they not read?”

That question is not a very comforting one to ask, but it is the truth.

Another thing that amazes me is how they were able to read the star of Jesus from such a far away land. A thorough study of Genesis and Judges readily reveal that these wise men were either Arabians or Persians. That detail confirms the fact that they came from far away. But in spite of their distance, they were able to know what was happening in Jerusalem.

The wise men of today don’t have to live in the same town, state, or country as you to know what they want to know. With the help of their crystal balls, demonic mirrors, and other monitoring paraphernalia, they can know what is happening afar off.

A lady in New York once told me that when she was in Africa she used to visit some of these “wise men” who always called up her husband on their demonic mirrors. Through a medium she was able to monitor what was going on with her husband thirteen thousand miles away. What I’m trying to say is that distance is not a problem for these astrologers.

I’m not trying to glorify evil; I’m simply trying to lay a foundation for the seriousness of the subject we are considering in this book. One final thought. You will notice that they spoke like people who were sure of what they were talking about: “…We have seen his star…”

It is not impossible that there are people who can say the same about you, your business, marriage, and ministry.

My prayer for you is that what they have seen, they will not be able to tamper with.

Worship or Warship

When a star is seen, one of two things will happen. From the text, it is clear that these magicians had no evil intention whatsoever. They said to the people of Jerusalem: “…for we have seen his star in the east, and are come to worship him…”

I wish all who see your star would be like these men. Unfortunately, that wish is not always the case because there are others who rather than worship are ready to launch warships against you. Such was King Herod in our text.

“When Herod the king had heard these things, he was troubled, and all Jerusalem with him.” Matthew 2:3

How did Herod get to know about the star? The Bible does not say, but experience has taught us that enemies of people’s stars collect information through various means. I have written extensively about this in one of my books, War at the Edge of Breakthrough. It would benefit you to read about how they collect information.

When Herod the King heard these things, “He was troubled and all Jerusalem with him.” Why? Because Jesus was born to become a King and Herod could not stand that reality.

What you are about to become may be troubling to some people. In fact, many of the troubles that you are facing right now may be because of the knowledge of the potentials that you have.

Prayer Point:
Let every Herod troubled by my future potential be disgraced, in Jesus Name.

Stolen or Exchanged.

One of two things can happen to a person’s star. It can be stolen or exchanged. Let’s examine the two possibilities.

Stolen Star

The Bible says:
“The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy...” -John 10:10

One of the things the enemy loves to steal is a person’s star. The effect of such an evil act is that it hinders the victim from achieving God’s purpose.

Some have their star stolen in the womb; other stars are stolen at childbirth, while others are stolen after the victims are fully grown. While every act of thievery of stars is deplorable, it is even worse when it is done to innocent, defenseless children. Yet they seem to be the victim, case after case. Such was the case of the Lord.

I once heard of an incident that took place in Africa that illustrates the point. A Christian sister was attended to by three midwives in the clinic where she went for the delivery of her baby. She had a very difficult and physically exhausting labor.

Unknown to her, the three midwives that attended to her were star-hunters. As the baby was coming out of the birth canal, a heated argument broke out between the three midwives. One of the midwives said to another, “You are a wicked woman. Why do you want to take everything? Why can’t you leave at least one for the poor child?” The Christian in labor was intrigued by their conversation, so she wanted to know what “don’t take everything” was all about.

Then the midwife replied: “I will tell; I will expose.” Turning to the midwife she addressed earlier, she continued: “You have done this too many times to too many innocent children and have refused to share your collections equally with us. I am going to expose you this time.”

She then turned to the lady in labor and said, “Your son has a perfect star and she is about to steal it. He had seven perfect stars. This woman has taken six of his stars and is about to take the seventh. I feel that is unfair. She should at least leave one for your child.”

This incident was how the women exposed themselves and were not allowed by the Lord to carry out their evil enterprise against the innocent child. Prayer Point:
Robbers of my stars, be exposed, in Jesus Name.

Sold and Exchanged

One may wonder what robbers of stars do with the stars. In most cases, they turn around and sell the stars.

When somebody comes to these “star dealers” in need of let’s say, success in life, they look into their stock of stolen stars and demonically transfer the star to their client. This transfer can also be done for those who need money, academic success, or other things.

This procedure is very much like an organ transplant. The good organ that belongs to someone is transferred into another person. The only problem is that, unlike organ transplants, the “donors” of stars are not knowing or willing donors.

There are many today whose stars are working for someone else while they suffer needlessly.

They take the star of the overcomer and give it to the loser, and they give the star of the loser to the overcomer, leading to a reversal of destiny. They harvest the star of a man born to be a millionaire and give it to a beggar. The star of one with an easy life can be exchanged for the one with a hard life. The star of one born to be the head can be exchanged for that of one born to be the tail. The star of the one born to be a managing director can be harvested for the one born to be a messenger. The star of the winner can also be harvested and exchanged with that of the loser, while the star of the one born to be an engineer can be exchanged with that of the road side mechanic.

I have seen this happen in work places as well.

An incident took place in Africa a few years ago that perfectly illustrates the point. A woman who attended a Pentecostal church worked as a typist in a certain establishment. She was qualified to be more than merely a typist, but she held the position for many years. She could not understand why promotions meant for her were repeatedly given to less qualified employees. One day she attended a revival service held by a traveling evangelist. Midway through the service, the evangelist called her to the front of the church and started prophesying. He said to her, “You have worked as a typist for several years even though you are more qualified than the position you hold.”

She replied, “That’s right.”

He continued, “In reality, you are not supposed to be a typist; you are supposed to be the personal secretary to the managing director but enemies on your job have exchanged your star. The one who currently works as the personal secretary to your managing director stole your star before you became a Christian. The position she holds is your God-ordained position. The position you hold is the other woman’s position, but they’ve demonically switched the positions. God brought you here so things can be rearranged for you, and you can be given back your rightful position.”

Then he prayed for her. In less than one month, certain things happened on the job that led to the demotion of the personal secretary to the position of a typist and the promotion of the sister to the position of a personal secretary.

My stars, refuse to work for anyone else, in Jesus Name.

It Is Real

I once heard a minister speak about his personal experience along these lines. For many years, he experienced great poverty in his life and ministry. He was deeply troubled by his situation because he knew from the scriptures that his situation did not line up with God’s promises for his life. Knowing that some situations don’t change except by prayer and fasting, he declared several days to seek the Lord in fasting. As he fasted, the Lord spoke to him saying, “Your problem is with your foundation. The problem is from your father. He harvested and sold your star when you were a little child. Your destiny has been severely tampered with. But your seasons of prayer have brought about the restoration you need. From now, things will change for the better in your life.”

The brother’s father had an interesting employment. He was the one that mothers of newborns took their children to for their first haircut. He also cut the baby hair of the brother when he was a little boy. Unfortunately, what the man did was sell these babies’ hair to practitioners of witchcraft who would in turn use them to demonically manipulate and tamper with the glory and destiny of these innocent babies. This deceptive practice was how the destiny of the brother was demonically tampered with, just like those other children whose baby hair was sold. Somebody somewhere was using his star to have a better life. Readers, if you will, please pause for a minute and pray these prayers with fiery intensity.

PRAYER POINTS: 1. O Lord, let my stolen star locate and reconnect to me now, in Jesus Name. 2. All illegal holders of my star, release my star now.

It Is Very Real

Not too long ago, I heard another man of God tell of an experience he had. He said one of his members came to him one day asking, “Pastor, can God forgive every sin?”

The Pastor replied: “Of course, yes. God can and will forgive anyone who genuinely repents.” He then quoted 1 John 1:9: “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”

The church member then proceeded to tell the Pastor why he asked the question.

He said, “Before I became a Christian, I was a star gazer, heavily involved in witchcraft. I used to own a maternity clinic where pregnant women came to give birth to their babies. Most of these women did not know I was a star gazer and a witch doctor.” He continued, “One day, I took delivery of a baby that was born with seven perfect stars. The seven stars signified that the child would grow up to be a very successful person.”

He then told the Pastor how he harvested and sold the stars that the boy came into the world with. Not long after the incidence, he became a Christian and forsook this evil practice.

What brought him to the pastor was that on the previous day; he went to the market to buy some things. There he ran into the same boy whose star he had harvested many years before. Although he was now grown, the older gentleman was still able to recognize him. The boy was working in the market as a load carrier for market women. When he saw the boy, he was deeply convicted of the evil he had done to him as a baby. He was the one that changed the innocent child’s destiny. God did not intend for him to be a carrier of wares for market women. God made him to be successful but the witchcraft doctor re-made him.

Perhaps God destined him to own a chain of supermarkets but his tampering with the boy’s star turned him into a carrier of wares for market women. He stood there and cried, wondering if God has forgiven him of this evil. This incident was what brought him to the pastor.

The pastor replied, “There is no sin that God does not forgive, once it is repented of. It is up to the boy to get saved and seek deliverance from the messed up foundation of his life and recover what the enemy has stolen from him.”

Dear readers, such is the life of many today, especially those who grew up in hostile environments where diabolical acts like this one are practiced with impunity. I don’t know how many stars might have been taken from you, but I know that by the grace of God, you can and will recover all.

1. O Heavenly Father, let your resurrection power restore my destiny to its rightful place, in Jesus Name.
2. Father, visit the foundation of my life and right every wrong that the enemy has done to me, in Jesus Name.
3. Oh Lord my Maker, cancel the manipulation of the re-maker from my life, in Jesus Name.

This article has been extracted from Dr. Itiola’s book, Overcoming the enemy of your star. To purchase a copy, click here.

This article has been extracted from Dr. Itiola's book: Overcoming The Enemy of Your Star. To purchase a copy, click here.

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