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If you want deliverance from lustful thoughts or actions or any other demons, you can do Self DELIVERANCE. There are times when there is no one around to help us. It is at this time that we must be able to do Self DELIVERANCE. Our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and we must be able to command our bodies to the attention of the Lord and His Word and take back the land that the enemy has taken. Before being able to get help, you must be a REAL Christian. To become a Christian, Romans 10:9 says, "Because if you acknowledge and confess with your lips that JESUS is Lord and in your heart believe (adhere to, trust in, and rely on the truth) that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved." You must believe JESUS is the Son of God, that He died for your sins, and that you are sorry for and repent of your sins.

Say this prayer, but be sincere -
"Father, in JESUS' name I ask you to forgive me of all my sins. I repent Lord. Come into my life. Fill me with the Holy Spirit. With your help, I will "stop sinning" (John 5:14). Amen."

For any DELIVERANCE, the only requirements are:
1) You have repented and ask JESUS to save you. In other words, you must be a "TRUE WORSHIPER" (John 4-23);
2) You have forgiven everyone who has ever hurt you; and
3) You want DELIVERANCE from the demons. You must forgive EVERYONE who has ever hurt you in any way. This is legal ground for the demons to be IN you, and they do not have to come out, I don't care who calls them out.

"Father, in JESUS' name I forgive my father, mother, brothers, sisters, relatives, (name anyone else now), and anyone else who has ever hurt me."

UNFORGIVENESS has been known to cause cancer and arthritis. Get the book "Pigs in the Parlor" by Frank and Ida Mae Hammond at a Christian book store for a detailed but simple account about demons and DELIVERANCE.

If you meet these requirements, then say the following prayer:
"Father, in JESUS' name I cover myself and this place with the Blood of JESUS. I bind up all my demons and the demons in this place. I ask for giant warrior angels to surround this place to protect me."

Pray the above prayer every time you start a new DELIVERANCE session. Make a list of all the things in your life you want to get rid of (don't add your spouse to this list). Now, for each demon say, "I command temper (or whatever) to come out of me now. Come out of my conscious, subconscious , unconscious mind, all parts of my body, will, emotions, and personality in JESUS' name. You can name the demons one by one or a few at a time. Almost anything you can imagine is a name of a demon. The power and authority are in the words "In JESUS Name," or any rendition of His name. If you haven't tried it, how can you say it doesn't work? Don't ask JESUS to do it. He told you to do it, using His Name. After calling each demon or group of demons out, take a deep breath and blow out though your mouth. Demons come out through tears, air passages like your mouth (coughing, yawning, mucus), nose running, passing gas, through the skin, or no visible signs at all. You don't have to feel or see anything to be set free. No one knows all the answers, but I know when you blow out it helps dislodge demons. When finished with each DELIVERANCE session, pray, "Father, in the name of JESUS, I ask you to 128 | Comprehensive Deliverance Manual fill me fuller with the Holy Spirit. Fill all the nooks and crannies where all the demons have left." Remember that JESUS said the demons consider you their house. When the demons leave some of their "rooms" you must fill them with something. (Holy Spirit, praying, worship, reading your Bible). Here's why: Luke 11:24-26 24) "When the unclean spirit (demon) has gone out of a person, it roams through waterless (dry places in search of a place] of rest (release, refreshment, ease); and finding none it says, I will go back to my house from which I came. 25) And when it arrives, it finds [the place] (you) swept (rooms not filled with something) and put in order and furnished and decorated. 26) And it goes and brings other spirits (demons), seven [of them], more evil than itself, and they enter in, settle down, and dwell there; and the last state of that person is worse then the first." These scriptures make it clear why it is necessary to do DELIVERANCE daily. Spiritual warfare is necessary all during the day. This just supplements the DELIVERANCE process. Spiritual warfare is designed to be OFFENSIVE and not DEFENSIVE. You know you are free of a particular demon when you no longer do the demon's job (i.e. lie, curse, porno, steal, fear, etc.). JESUS did DELIVERANCE daily, and so should you. Luke 13:32, "...I drive out demons and perform healings today and tomorrow...". Delivered from Evil | 129 Even a satanist can be set free. In the name of JESUS, you can break any blood oath you made with the devil. I read that most homosexuals wished that they could stop being homosexual. DELIVERANCE can change you too. You really can stop doing things you don't want to do (except for paying taxes). JESUS loves you that much.


1. You MUST be Saved before you can cast demons OUT of yourself and others.

"Father, in JESUS' name I ask you to forgive me of all my sins. I repent Lord. Come into my life. Fill me with the Holy Spirit. With your help, I will "stop sinning" (John 5:14). Amen." 2. You must forgive others.

"Father, in Jesus' name I forgive my mother, father, brothers, sisters, aunts and uncles, any other relatives, and anyone else who has ever hurt me." (Name any other people who come to mind.)

3. Start kicking demons OUT in the name of Jesus!

"Father, in Jesus' name I cover myself with the Blood of Jesus, all my family members, everyone seeking DELIVERANCE, and this property that I am now in. I bind up all the demons in me and around me, and in everyone seeking DELIVERANCE, in the name of Jesus. I ask for Giant Warrior Angels to protect us, in the name of Jesus. I thank you Lord, for giving me all power and all authority over all demons, in the name of Jesus. I take that authority now and I command all these demons to start coming out now, in the name of Jesus. You come out of the conscious, subconscious, unconscious mind, all parts of the body, will, emotions, and personality, in the name of Jesus. I terminate your assignment, and break all legal holds, in the name of Jesus. I go back to Adam and Eve, on both sides of the bloodline, and I chop you off at the roots, in the name of Jesus."

Now just start calling out the demons one by one or a few at a time. We recommend doing the BASIC LIST OF DEMONS first. Then make your own list of things in your life that you want out, and start calling them out, in the name of Jesus.

TEMPER, come out in the name of Jesus!
LUST, come out in the name of Jesus!
RELIGIOSITY, come out in the name of Jesus
FALSE GIFTS, come out in the name of Jesus!

Extracted by permission from Gene Moody’s book: Deliverance Manual. To buy a copy, click here.

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