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Several years ago, I pastored a church in Montgomery, Alabama. There was a brilliant and highly talented young lady in the church who had just finished college. She could sing and play just about any musical instrument. She was actively involved with the music ministry of the church and played important roles in just about every other department in the church. She portrayed herself as a very spiritual person, fasting often. Once, she fasted for so long she was completely dehydrated. She broke her glasses, claiming to have been supernaturally healed by the Lord. Any time there was any misunderstanding in the music department, she would be the only one not involved, always playing the role of the peacemaker. She was always in church, rarely missing any of our services. She was consistently the first to get there and last to leave. Despite all this, I had an uneasy feeling about her. I would say to myself, “something is not right about this lady,” but since I had no concrete evidence, I kept quiet. One day after Wednesday Bible study, she came to see me in my office. The look in her eyes was penetrating and seductive. My spirit revolted against it. Boldly, I asked her, “My sister, do you have a problem with lust?” Her reply was a sharp “No.” I looked her straight in the eye and posed the question again. This time she replied “Yes, sometimes.” Then I asked, “Sometimes, like now?” Looking down, she replied, “Yes.” I admonished her and then asked her to go and pray. From that day, I began to pray that the Lord would reveal the type of person that she was. What happened next confirmed all my feelings of discomfort about her. Early one morning, someone came knocking on my door at around 3 o’clock. When I answered the door, it was one of the ladies in the church. She said that they were having an all night prayer meeting in the house of one of the church members and that something was happening there that called for my urgent attention. When I got to this place, the young lady was on her face, foaming and talking uncontrollably. In the heat of the prayer meeting, the Holy Spirit had arrested her and she began to confess to her involvement in witchcraft. I sat down, stunned to hear the things she owned up to. Her confession was long, thorough, and shocking in its intensity. She said: “I am sorry for you pastors who just give anybody duties in the church without asking the Lord. I have been practicing witchcraft since I was three years old. I was raped by a family member and since then have been possessed by the spirit of witchcraft. “I have done innumerable evils even to those who were trying to help me. I lived with my uncle in the Northeast and spiritually messed up his home plumbing system. It cost him thousands of dollars to fix. I take joy in wickedness. “The devil specifically assigned me to your church to hinder the word of God and the move of the Spirit. He gave me great talents in the area of music and you played into my hands. I fasted often to fool you into thinking I was spiritual. I broke my glasses and faked a healing to fool you into thinking that I have a lot of faith. You gave me a free hand to operate in the church. “There is no department I have not affected. I have cleaned the church and dropped things that kept people from coming to church. I have dusted the chairs and used witchcraft to stop people from staying in the church. I have driven the church van and have caused it to have problems no mechanic can detect. I used that manipulation to siphon the church’s money. “All the fights in the music ministry were engineered by me to hinder God’s Spirit from moving through the praise and worship sessions. I would cause the fights demonically and turn around and preach peace to the warring factions. “I was on a special mission the day I came to your office to seduce you. The Lord however had mercy on you; and you did not fall into my trap. I have used that method to defile and destroy many, but I failed against you. I have worked with the children, but their angels were too strong for me to perform my enterprise against them.” She said many other things that space will not permit me to write. I was completely shocked. I was grateful, however, that the Lord did not allow us to remain permanently in the dark concerning her.

The true story above is taken from Dr. A. O. Itiola’s book Delivered from Evil. To buy a copy, click here.

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