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Preparations and precautions:
This is a basic step by step outline of how to go about a self deliverance. This is not a complete set of instructions that will work for everybody, and if you need to be freed from heavier bondages, you may be better off consulting with an actual deliverance minister if you are able to locate one. These instructions will give you a good idea of how to drive demons out of yourself. It is recommended that you read up further on this subject before attempting to run yourself through deliverance. The limits of self-deliverance: Self deliverance is very helpful in many situations where a deliverance minister isn't available to minister to you, and you can be set free from many bondages simply by running yourself through a self deliverance. However, it can be limited if compared to a regular deliverance session.


If you have come out of heavy or active involvement in the occult or Satanism, you would be better off seeing somebody else to minister deliverance to you (an experienced deliverance minister), because the demons encountered in those situations are usually much stronger, and are best off handled by a second party. If you begin to feel like you are losing control as a demon manifests, then stop, and seek help from an experienced deliverance minister.

Pre-deliverance prayer:

As with any deliverance, it is necessary to pray that the Holy Spirit will show you what the roots to the problem are, and what needs to be done. Pray for His continual guidance and strength during the deliverance session. It is often helpful to ask God to send angels to assist in the deliverance. They can play a powerful role in helping you flush the demons out.

Warning to non-believers:

Deliverance is for believers (Matthew 15:22-28), and is not fit for unbelievers (those who are outside the covenant). If you aren't a Christian, I wouldn't even attempt a deliverance, because it's like stirring up a hornet's nest. First accept Jesus, then seek deliverance. This way, you can prevent the demons from returning with several more even worse evil spirits as Jesus warns in Matthew 12:43- 45. If you aren't a believer, I wouldn't even try to cast a demon out of anybody; as we can see in Acts 19:13-16, it's not wise to cast demons out if you aren't a child of God! They did not have authority in Jesus because they were unbelievers and 7 men got thrown out of the house naked and beaten by the demon. As you can see, it's not wise or safe to attempt a deliverance without Jesus in your life!

Prayer and fasting:

Prayer and fasting always helps in preparing you for a deliverance. Jesus said that some kinds of demons will only come fourth through prayer and fasting. Prayer and fasting builds your faith to the higher levels that is required to cast some demons out.

1. Know what is rightfully yours

If you don't believe what is rightfully yours, it's going to be hard to claim it. Some of the things you need to have down pat are knowing that your sins are forgiven, knowing that you are a child of God, and knowing that you have authority over the demons. You need to understand who you are in Christ. This sounds simple, and is often overlooked, but is VITAL to your deliverance. If you don't really believe you are who you are, then you won't have the faith to stand on who you are and claim what is rightfully yours. If you don't really know that you are a child of King, you won't feel like a prince, and you won't act like a prince. And how are you supposed to defeat the enemy when you don't think like a child of God should think? If you struggle with this, you need to tear down one or more strongholds. You need to know that your sins are forgiven. If you have guilt hanging over your head, then it will greatly hinder your ability to stand up to the enemy with a clear conscience and stand up for what is rightfully yours. Guilt is a door opener and keeper, and the enemy often uses it as a base to launch all sorts of attacks against God's children. You need to understand the nature of God, and how freely Jesus wants to forgive you of ALL your sins. Luke 7:47 is one of my favorite verses the Lord showed me one time when I needed to learn this principal. It tells of how freely Jesus forgave a very sinful woman from all her sins without hesitation! Another good story on the forgiveness of our sins when we turn to God in repentance is found in Luke 15. If you struggle with obsessive guilt even after repenting of your sins and turning from them, then you need to tear down one or more strongholds. You need to have a correct perception of God and your relationship with Him. If you see God incorrectly, your going to be an easy target for the enemy. If you see God as a cruel taskmaster, you'll act like He's a cruel taskmaster, and you will put up walls that will block you from feeling God's love. Furthermore, the enemy moves in with the power of suggestion (little things he whispers into your thought-life), and can terrorize the daylights out of you. If you think of anybody (husband, wife, boss, etc.) as a cruel mean taskmaster, it puts up a wall and you see that person differently, don't you? Even though you could be completely wrong in your perception of them, to you, they are a taskmaster in your eyes, and therefore you shut them out of your heart. This is what we do to God when we see Him as a cruel and distant taskmaster. We cut ourselves off from experiencing and feeling His love. If you don't feel God loves you, then you need to back up and take a moment to review how you are perceiving Him. Many people struggle with this, and it is a stronghold that needs to be torn down. You need to know the authority you have been given by God over the enemy. You, as a believer, have been given authority over all powers of the enemy, and have been given the authority to bind and loose in the spiritual realm. You exercise your authority through a spoken word in faith, just as Jesus cast demons out with His word, you can also cast demons out with your word, which is backed by the authority that Jesus gave us as believers. You have the authority whether your feel like it not, as long as you are a believer. It is important to know that that your authority is accessed through faith, and therefore the more you believe in your authority, the more of it you will be able to exercise. Mark 16:17 tells us that them who believe will be casting out demons in His name! There's a great teaching just on your Spiritual Authority that you may want to check out. As I mentioned above several times, there's often the need to tear down strongholds in our lives. There's an excellent teaching just on Strongholds that you may want to go through before attempting a self-deliverance if you sense that there's any strongholds that need to be torn down.

2. Find the open doors and break off any legal grounds

I believe this is one of the most important parts of the deliverance process. It is important to find out what opened the door to the enemy, so that we can close it and void their legal right to bother us. There are a number of ways he can gain access, through sins, ancestral sins 120 | Comprehensive Deliverance Manual (which causes ancestral curses), unforgiving heart (which blocks God's forgiveness toward us), dabbling in the occult, demonic vows, fear, etc. Rather then including a more complete list in this outline, there is a whole separate teaching just on Legal Rights, and how to go about breaking them up.

3. Identify the areas of bondage in your life

It's important to know what areas of your life are in bondage, and an good idea of exactly what you are seeking to be set free from. Make a list of the things you want to be freed from. Know exactly what you want to be set free from. Then try to identify the 'open door' that allowed the enemy to move into that area of your life. When did it start? If you had it your entire life, and your parents or grandparents struggled with the same or similar problem, then it was likely generational. Often you can locate what opened up the bondage, if you look back around the time in your life when it started. It's always a good idea to become familiar with the various ways the enemy can gain access into our lives. A good understanding of Legal Rights and Strongholds is always helpful. There is a Deliverance Questionnaire posted on this site to help knowledgeable ministers identify areas of bondage in a person's life. This can be helpful to even an unexperienced person who has a general understanding of legal rights and strongholds. It's always a good idea to make some lists pertaining to your bondage. A list of legal rights is good, and can help you keep track as you are going through the list and breaking up those legal grounds. A list of the areas of bondage in your life is always a good idea. A list of strongholds is also a good idea to keep track of. If you need further deliverance from another minister or need more deliverance in the future (not all bondages are broken in one session - it often takes multiple sessions to completely set a person free), it can be very helpful to keep track of what is going on. If you seek further ministering from an experienced minister, presenting those lists to him or her can give them a good quick look into your situation and can save them time trying to uncover the areas of bondage in your life.

4. Casting the demons out

Take authority over the demon spirits within you by issuing a command such as, "In the name of Jesus, I now take authority over every evil spirit present within me, and I command each and every one to submit to the authority invested in me by Jesus Christ!" If you can address the demons by name (lust, anger, suicide, hate, fear, etc.) you will often find them submitting to your authority easier because it makes it harder on them to write you off as if you weren't talking to them. If somebody yelled "hey you!" in a crowd, you probably wouldn't pay any attention to them, but if they yelled out your name, you would be a lot quicker to respond. The same is true with demons, if you address them by name, they are a lot easier to get their attention. Notice how many times Jesus addressed the demons by name, such as deaf and dumb spirits, etc. Not every deliverance session requires you to refer to the demons by name, but it sure helps when you are able to get ahold of their names, either through remembering 122 | Comprehensive Deliverance Manual your previous involvement with evil spirits (if you accepted a spirit guide by the name of Daemon, then obviously Daemon needs to go), another way to get the name is by the symptoms they are causing, for example, extreme guilt feelings are often caused by a spirit by the name of guilt, and other ways to get their names are by a word of knowledge from the Holy Spirit, or from the demons themselves (ask them for their name and listen for their response). If I have a demon's name handy, I often like to use it. If not, I just proceed without it. Using your authority in Jesus, command the evil spirits (by name if possible) to come out of you in Jesus' name! Don't be alarmed if you find yourself throwing up all of a sudden, or coughing uncontrollably, screaming, etc. It's a good sign, it usually means they are on their way out! If you want to minimize manifestations, you can forbid them to manifest in Jesus' name. I usually like them to manifest, because it exposes them even more, and somehow weakens their power and 'cocky attitude' when they are hauled out in the open where you can recognize them.

5. Encountering groupings of demons

Demons often work in teams, and if you identify the strongman, it will help you in figuring out their game plan, and give you a better idea of how to go about casting out certain demons first and unraveling their scheme. This is important, because this strongman is usually the big guy that you are going after. Once you cast him out, the lesser demons usually follow suite much easier. However, sometimes it's better to cast out the lesser demons, and then deal with their leader after they are all gone and he can no longer play games or hide behind them. Since demons communicate with other demons both within and outside of you, I like to forbid and shut down their communication between each other. I like to issue a command like this, "I now shut down and forbid all lines of communication between the evil spirits within me, between themselves, and with those outside of me in Jesus' name!"

6. Binding and loosing

Binding is a temporary spiritual handcuffing. If you get worn out and need to continue a deliverance the next day, you could simply bind the remaining demons, and continue the deliverance later on. Binding is also helpful when ministering to somebody else. You can bind and forbid the demons to interfere with the person as you work with them to tear down strongholds, break up legal grounds, etc. Loosing is referring to loosing a captive from a bondage. Jesus loosed the woman from a spirit of infirmity in Luke 13:12. You might say something like, "I loose myself from the spirit of fear in the name of Jesus! Spirit of fear, I command you to COME OUT in the name of Jesus!"

7. Checking to see if you are free

You should feel a noticeable relief when the demon(s) have left. However, they may just be hiding, and trying to trick you into calling it a success, only to rear up their heads later on. Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you if there are any demons remaining that need to be cast out, or whether the deliverance was successful. The long term effect after a deliverance is usually your best indicator, but when there have been symptoms of the demon (such as fear, anger, suicidal urges, etc.), then I would expect those to be gone when the deliverance has been successful. Don't forget to consider that in many cases, deliverance is a process and not just one session. If strongholds need to be torn down that the demons are hanging onto, they can usually take time as you tear them down. When the spirits leave you though, you should feel the difference and be able to freely walk in your newfound freedom.

8. Post deliverance instructions

I don't walk in constant fear of demons returning, but yet I also advise not to dabble in the things which opened you up to demons in the first place either. Keep your relationship with God cultivated, and don't let the enemy tempt you to let him back in. If you are unsuccessful…. Seek further knowledge on the ministry of deliverance, and consider seeking the help of an experienced deliverance minister. Don't forget to consider that in many cases, deliverance is a process and not just one session. If strongholds need to be torn down that the demons are hanging onto, they can usually take time as you tear them down. If you try your best and are getting nowhere, then I would seek help from an experienced minister.

Extracted by permission from Gene Moody’s book: Deliverance Manual. To buy a copy, click here.

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