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A sister in our church was recently delivered from the power of a night husband. She told me to make sure I included her testimony in my book so as to encourage those who may be suffering a similar fate. Her story shows how the presence of a spirit husband or wife can have a negative effect on a marriage. As far back as she could remember, she had had a spirit husband who would come in to her every night and defile her. After she got saved he would still come every night. She told me that many nights this “man” would have left before she even knew he was there. During these encounters, she had very serious marital problems that defied solutions. Her marriage was at the brink of divorce. One day she told her husband she was tired of the marriage. She took one thousand dollars and moved out of the house. She went to Penn Station in New York City and boarded a bus, not even knowing where the bus was headed. She rode on the bus for about three hours until it stopped in Baltimore, Maryland. Then, something told her to get off the bus and she did. She came out of the bus not knowing where to go, since she had no contacts there. As she stepped off the bus, a well dressed man carrying a briefcase approached her, calling her by her first name. She was startled by this because he was a total stranger. “Who in the world are you?” she asked. He replied, “Don’t tell me you don’t know me.” “I am telling you that I don’t know you,” she replied “I am your husband,” the man said, coolly. “You are not my husband-- mine is in New York,” she retorted, shocked. “I’m the one who comes to you in your dreams every night. I have spiritually manipulated you to this place so we can spend more time together in real life.” He continued, informing her that after they were done in Baltimore he would let her return to New York, but would later call her out to meet him at other locations all over the United Sates. He opened his briefcase and it was full of hard currency. He told her she would be well taken care of. When the lady got to this point of the story I had to make sure I was in a counseling session and not in a dream. I then asked her if what she said thus far happened in real life or she was narrating a dream. Lo and behold, it was not a dream! I then asked her what she did. She said “Pastor, I quickly pushed him aside, ran into the bus station to take the next bus to New York.” However, before she left, the man said to her, “Where are you running to? You can run, but you can’t hide!” She got on the bus the same night and arrived in New York in the early hours of the morning. When she got off the bus in New York, guess who was waiting for her? It was the same “man” she left in Baltimore a few hours earlier. With a grin on his face, he said to her, “I told you that you’re mine and I’m yours, so you might as well stop running.” She pushed him out the way and took a taxi home, where she quickly made up with her real husband. It was this incidence that brought her to me for deliverance. The “man” never surfaced again after she was prayed for.

The true story above is taken from Dr. A. O. Itiola’s book Delivered from Evil. To buy a copy, click here.

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