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A visibly troubled mother traveled from Maryland in the company of her two children to see me one Sunday. She was in pain and looked like she had not slept in days. The girl she came with was her first child, and the boy was her second. Their ages were nine and seven. The problem with them was that they were much older than that in the spiritual world. Both of them were deeply involved in witchcraft, and their main target was their mother. I am sure you wonder how children so young would be involved in witchcraft. Theirs was a case of involuntary initiation. While living in West Africa, they shared a house with a wicked witch whose mandate from the devil was to initiate as many children as she could into the spirit world. All she had to do was give the children rice to eat. The moment they ate the food, they were initiated. They began finding themselves in strange meetings with the ability to fly and to inflict pain on whoever they chose. The children were told to kill their mother so they would be promoted in the witchcraft coven. The girl told me that she had been promised a castle if she succeeded at killing her mother. She then went to work, rigging her house with spiritual “needles.” Her mother’s bed was spiked with invisible needles. The chairs in the house were spiked as well, and so were the walls. Her mother could not sleep because anytime she lay down, she would feel intense pricking sensations. Her sleeplessness led to high blood pressure. She looked pathetic. I spoke at length with the young girl. She was merciless. She told me the castle promised her was more important than the life of her mother. She said killing her mother would lead to automatic promotion for her in the coven. She was so far gone there was no feeling of sympathy in her. On the other hand, her brother claimed to have renounced his association with the coven, but I did not believe him. I told the young girl the end of all who do evil, and that seemed to trouble her a bit. I told her that unless she repented, she would die one day and go to hell. The mention of hell scared her and she prayed the sinner’s prayer with me. After that we proceeded to put her through deliverance. Honestly, I am not sure how free that child was that day. As I wrote earlier, there are some deliverance sessions that should be carried out without letting the person know ahead of time. This case fits that. The child knew she was being brought to me for deliverance, and only God knows the advance preparations she had made to prevent the success of the prayers. I have dealt with deliverance cases where the one to be prayed for “hangs” their power on a tree before entering the church. The deliverance minister prays and prays and nothing happens. The client goes out picks up the power and continues business as usual. That is why I use discernment as to who to inform before praying and who not to. The family has since moved to the Midwestern part of the United States, and I have not heard from them for some time now. I just hope the children are free and free indeed.

The true story above is taken from Dr. A. O. Itiola’s book Delivered from Evil. To buy a copy, click here.

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