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A couple experiencing delay in the area of childbearing once called me from the West Coast. After failing to conceive, they went to various doctors and were told that the wife did not ovulate. After interviewing them on the phone, I came to the conclusion that their situation was spiritual, not medical. The wife happens to come from a very hostile family where household wickedness had been unleashed against her. They decided to come to New York to be prayed for. After we had set an appointment, I was called to come to Africa for an important Pastors’ meeting that conflicted with our engagement. I called and told them about my predicament. To my surprise, they told me they would fly to Africa to meet me there, and they did. They arrived the day the meeting was ending, and I had to travel back to New York. Besides that, the place I was staying in was not conducive for conducting deliverance sessions. What I did was hand them over to a pastor friend of mine who was a seasoned deliverance minister. He held a one-on-one deliverance session with them, the results of which were astounding. That night, the woman had a dream. The Lord appeared to her, telling her that the yoke was already broken. The Lord also told her that something would happen to her the following day that would confirm it. The next day, she sat in the living room of her home, relaxing. All of a sudden, ants began to crawl out of her body! Shocked, she collected them all and set them on fire. She went to sleep that night wondering what in the world happened to her that day. That night, the Lord appeared to her again and told her that the ants were the messengers of Satan that ate her eggs every month, which was why the doctors thought she was not ovulating. The Lord then told her to expect her pregnancy now that the victory was won. As the Lord said, so it was, and her next ovulation resulted in pregnancy. Deliverance Works!

The true story above is taken from Dr. A. O. Itiola’s book Delivered from Evil. To buy a copy, click here.

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