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Jimmy and his beautiful wife came to us in great financial and emotional distress. The wife was seriously demonized, while Jimmy was reeling under attacks from household wickedness. He once had a highly successful real estate business in New York. Within a few years he built up an enviable company worth millions of dollars. He had a big office in Brooklyn that employed many agents. Business was booming. He then sent to his people in the Caribbean Islands to come live with him and get a piece of his success. When they arrived, they could not believe how well-off he was. He housed them in his five bedroom mansion and fed them three square meals every day. Envy ensued and as the Bible says in James 3:16: “Where envying and strife is, there is confusion and every evil work.” His relations began working witchcraft against him and his business. Many times he would come home and find dead birds on his door step. Many times, thousands of bees would congregate on his bedroom window. Swarms of flies did the same. Many times he would come home and find white powder sprinkled around his mansion. The same thing happened in his office. Before long, the witchcraft curses sent against him took effect. One by one he lost all his houses till he was left with just one. The day he went to the only house left, he almost lost his life. For some strange reason, he went and knocked on the wrong door. Unfortunately the occupant of that house had been robbed many times, so he assumed that Jimmy was an intruder. As the tenant opened the door, he pulled out his gun, telling Jimmy to say his last prayers. In great shock Jimmy screamed out loud, “I came to the wrong door, I am a landlord in the area.” The man pushed Jimmy out of the house, and he stumbled to the right door. His confusion and the resulting incident was part of the witchcraft attack against his life. The plan was to kill him that day but the Lord had mercy on him. To cut a long story short, Jimmy lost his business, his home, his houses, his specially manufactured Mercedes Benz—everything but his life. To make matters worse, his wife came under serious attacks as well. It was during deliverance that we discovered that the spiritual attacks did not come only from his side, but came from his wife’s side too. Here is her story. She is a descendant of the feared Jamaican Maroons. They were known as great warriors that successfully repelled the British Army. Their women single-handedly confronted and defeated the British in battle. Legend has it that they stopped bullets with their buttocks. According to her, their men were some of the best drummers that lived at that time. They would barely touch the drums, and yet the noise coming from the drums would be deafening. It was demonically inspired drumming. Jimmy’s wife came from that background. When we prayed for her, the spirit told us that spirits from her family aided Jimmy to become rich, but because he got cocky, they decided to cooperate with enemies from his family and used all means to bring him down. The deliverance session of Jimmy’s wife began at 12 noon and lasted till three o’clock the next morning. I have never seen anything like that in my life. Every spirit we called out manifested. What amazed me was that the names of the spirits were African deities and powerful demons. We cast out Yemoja, Osanyin, Ogun, Obatala and many more. These are idols worshipped in West Africa. I was stunned to see someone who had never been to Africa mention those names. By midnight we had cast out all the spirits but five. Heading this clique was the powerful god of thunder, who called himself Shango. Every effort we made was futile. I then went into my office to rest and pray for the best strategy to use to get Shango out of there. Before long, God gave me a beautiful strategy. I went upstairs and said, “Shango are you still there?” With a deep male voice he answered, “Yes, the most powerful god of thunder is in the house.” I then asked, “Are you as powerful as you claim to be?” He replied, “More powerful than you know.” Then, based on the strategy the Lord gave me, I decided to appeal to Shango’s ego. I said, “Shango, if truly you are this powerful, why do you need four other demons to help you keep the house?” Shango replied, “I don’t need any other helper.” Then I said, “If you truly don’t need help from any other spirits, prove it by casting them out.” He fell for the bait. He did and for the next thirty minutes or so Jimmy’s wife threw up and sneezed many times. Finally Shango said to me, “See what I have done? I told you I am very powerful.” He made our job easier because now we did not have to deal with five spirits, but one. It did not take long before Shango succumbed to the Lord’s power and left the woman alone. She and Jimmy have since moved down to the southern part of the United States to start life afresh.

The true story above is taken from Dr. A. O. Itiola’s book Delivered from Evil. To buy a copy, click here.

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