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Spiritual Warfare - Strongholds


Let us begin examining the subject at hand by looking at a statement Paul made in one of his letters to the Corinthian Christians:

"For a great door and effectual is opened unto me, and there are many adversaries." 1 Cor. 16:9

Had Paul just said, "for a great door and effectual is opened unto me" and stopped, we would have every cause to jump and shout. However, notice how he continues: "and there are many adversaries."

That's what I call War at the Edge of Breakthrough.

The door was opened, and it was not an ordinary door. Paul described it as a great and effectual door. The moment the enemies saw that the door was opened, they showed up to close it, thereby hindering Paul from going through his breakthrough.

Are you aware that the enemy did not surface until the doors were opened? The moment they saw the opening for Paul, they materialized.

Because the Lord opened a great door for Paul, it attracted not just one, but many adversaries.

War against God's Plan

The enemy is determined to war against the breakthrough of anything good.

Satan has one goal, and that is to hinder and stop us from the blessings of God. What he cannot stop and hinder, he seeks to delay so that the recipient will be too old to enjoy the blessing when it is finally received.

We need to rise up in the strength of the Lord and fight against all wars at the edge of God's intended breakthroughs for our lives. By the power of the Lord, victory is assured.

Why war breaks out at the edge of breakthrough.

There are countless reasons for war at the edge of breakthrough. I will therefore limit myself to the three most common reasons.

The first is jealousy.

According to Num. 5:14; 40, jealousy is a spirit. Experienced deliverance ministers can testify to having confronted this spirit in deliverance sessions. We find it in families, offices, among business partners and unfortunately in churches. The moment God says he is giving you a breakthrough, the Spirit of Jealousy comes against you. Many have been killed today because of the effect of the Spirit of Jealousy; many people are not in the places that God intended for them to be because the Spirit of Jealousy came against them.

Let me give you a classic example in the Old Testament, in the Book of 1 Samuel 18. This is the well-known story of David and Saul. From the day David was chosen to take Saul's place, a battle ensued between them engineered chiefly by the Spirit of Jealousy. This battle was not so apparent, yet more dangerous than the one between David and Goliath because jealousy is more powerful than any weapon of war fashioned against you.

David was just a young shepherd, taking care of his father's sheep. He had no inordinate ambition to become the king. But In God's infinite wisdom, He chose David to replace Saul.

Have you found yourself in positions you never prayed for? You were divinely given the position and you might think that everyone would rejoice with you, but instead, war might break out against you.

The second cause for war at the edge of breakthrough is when a mechanism that propels automatic failure is set against a person.

The curse operates like an ambush. The enemy waits for one to get close to receiving a blessing. Then in the nick of time, war breaks out.

Let me illustrate what I mean:

There is a village in Africa where several white missionaries worked many years ago. The missionaries trained the young people in the village and encouraged them to get out of the village to find better means of livelihood.

The leaders of the village did not take kindly to that, so they consulted a demonic deity and put a curse of automatic failure upon anyone who ventured out of the village. For many years, the young men who traveled out of the village never amounted to much. When they got close to getting a breakthrough, something was bound to happen to hinder the breakthrough.

When the Christians among them noticed the trend, they called for a time of fasting and praying. It was during the fast the Lord revealed to them the cause of those people's failure. The curse was reversed from automatic failure to automatic blessing.

Does it appear as if each time you want to move forward in a particular area of your life something comes to stop you. A demonic automatic failure mechanism may be working against you.

Another common source of war at the edge of breakthrough is witchcraft attacks. Many witchcraft arrows are shot at unsuspecting people who are close to their breakthroughs. When these witchcraft manipulations are at work, the individual begins to have significant dreams. Unfortunately, many are not trained to interpret the language of their dreams.

The following dreams signify that witchcraft attacks are about to be or are being set in array against your breakthrough:

  • Sexual encounters in dreams. To learn more about this, please read my book: A woman's worst nightmare.
  • Dreams about being back in your childhood home or grade school.
  • Dreams about human waste every where.
  • Dreams about picking snails, turtles and crabs.
  • Dreams about going to an unknown destination.
  • Dreams of sitting for school examinations and not finishing or not knowing the answers to the questions.
  • Dreams where you see dead relatives.

    These and many other dreams are indicative of the fact that the enemy has already or is about to unleash witchcraft attacks against your breakthrough.

    This subject is discussed in detail in my new book, Dreams, Visions and Spiritual Warfare: Understanding the connection between spiritual warfare and your dreams. To purchase a copy, click here.

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